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If you are needing design services to promote EPIC's Professional Granular Repellents, give us a call or email us. We will be happy to assist you in artwork fulfillment.  We have flyers, promotional sell sheets, ads (hard copy or email blasts) that we can customize with your company image!  We will be also featuring "Pest of the Season"... so be sure to check back.
PDF Format. Simply click on the designated application to print.
SHOWCASE PRODUCT!     12x18 POSTERS are now available
Great way to stir up sales! We have 12x18 Posters featuring individual product that 
addresses the pest. These posters can be ordered with or without easels. Ideal for 
displaying on a pallet, near display buckets, even on a wall in your storefront.  
To recieve your posters, simply fill out the order form and submit.
Corporate Office: 1743 Route 11 Kirkwood, NY 13795, USA    professionalrepellents.com    1-877-337-2726

Please note: Although these posters are free to our distributors; for large quantities, there may be a charge for shipping. We will contact you before sending regarding costs on postage.

Create an instant display of any product poster.

No glue needed - adhesive sticks to stock.
Double wing provides extra-firm support.
Sturdy chipboard construction

Ships unattached to posters for mix'n match