Add revenue and protect your
customers with EPIC's full line
of granular, natural repellents.

These professional grade
repellents are not available
to home owners in retail

They protect and enhance
your services with more 
power and reliability than
consumer products. Each
product is custom designed
to be the very best to repel
the animal pest on the label.
For Professional Landscapers, Golf Course Superintendents, Pest Control Management
America's Finest
All EPIC Professional products are easily applied and long lasting. EPIC repellents are exempt from EPA registration under 25(b) as they contain only natural ingredients recognized as safe.
Features & Benefits
America's Finest
Stops deer before they reach and destroy valuable plants. Our powerful but mild smelling formula is long lasting - 30 days or more - and will not wash off in rain. Perimeter application of protective bands makes application quick.
America's Finest
EPIC's Newest! This is the only repellent that provides strong repelling power to geese and coots without harming animals or environment. It naturally deters the geese & coots from the protected area keeping them away for up to 25 days. Continued re-application will train geese & coots to find other areas to frequent, graze in and nest.
America's Finest
Prevents rabbit damage to gardens & landscaping. Natural proteins, spices and oils ensure safety for families and pets while providing potent and resillient repelling power. A perimeter application with a scoop quickly establishes bands of protec-tion that stimulate fear and promote aversion in rabbits.
America's Finest
This product demonstrates strong, long lasting and safe defense against armadillos rooting in lawns for food and digging burrows in gardens and near buildings. Applied with a rotary spreader and a hand scoop. Rapidly growing sales are the best testimonial to professional satisfaction with its performance.
America's Finest
The best and simplist solution for moles on the market today.  Our triple action formula makes soil and tunnels bad smelling to moles, makes worms and grubs bad tasting and reduces the population of other insect food that they rely on. It quickly and easily applies with a rotary spreader and will drive moles out of infested lawns.
America's Finest
This product is the strongest all natural deterrent to snakes now available, and it's safe for use near families and pets. The granular formula is easily applied with a hand scoop to rock piles, brush and garden plots where snakes live and are active. It also keeps snakes out and away from homes and other structures. Works all ALL Types of Snakes.
America's Finest
Ours is the only repellent designed specifically to stop and then prevent damage caused by pocket gophers. Highly effective and long lasting. Easily applied with a rotary spreader and treat mounds with a hand scoop.
America's Finest
Voles (commonly known as field mice) do most of their damage in the winter months under snow protection. It is applied prior to snowfall to keep voles from damaging turf areas over winter. It also works during other seasons as a repellent and as a preventative.
America's Finest
Specifically formulated to train cats (feral and domesticated) to stay away from protected areas. Easily applied with a hand scoop around garden plots and areas cats claim as their territory.
America's Finest
Another addition to the powerful line of EPIC Pro repellents we offer. Specifically designed to reduce and eliminate wild hog activity in residential areas. Easily applied using rotary spreader or scoop.
Expand your services with the assurance of confidance in 
America's Finest™ Professional Grade Repellents.
Low cost products that are fast & easy to use with low application labor cost.

No mixing/spraying nor equipment needing cleaning/maintenance after use.

Highly effective. EPIC granular repellents don't wash off with rain or irrigation.

Animal's environments change - they avoid and leave the area.

No bad smells during or after application.

Safe around children and pets.
Homeowners are always fighting non-domestic animals that become pests and we have the products to stop the damage. EPIC Professional Repellents offer your customers the protection results and your sales teams the perfect add-on sales opportunities.

The Regional Map along with the individual pest maps (located on each product information page) are used to identify the locations where the pests are most active. Some are national, soem regional. We have also added the recommended months to promote (right before activity starts) to prevent animal damage and to help you protect your customer's property before damage starts.

Each product page also highlights the application instructions, and offers Recommended Peak 
Application Times. 

Of course, there are times when special circumstances of pest infestation arises. 
Should that happen, feel free to contact our National Sales Manager, Dave Riffey, Sr. for technical support. He will help identify & assess your best options or address any concerns you might have.
We help your company target specific pests across the United States!
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